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A few years ago technology that could learn and solve problems on its own only found on the pages of science fiction. Nowadays, Ethlax with these advanced capabilities is surfacing all around us, and represents the latest in a series of rapid development. AI (AI) is changing our lifestyle and empowering machines to perform things that people used to think humans were the only ones capable of doing.

The technology of the past that could solve problems on its own could only be could be found in stories in science-fiction. Today, Ethlax with these advanced capabilities is appearing all around us and is the most recent in a string of rapid advancement. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is altering our lives and making machines capable of doing tasks that we believed humans were the only thing capable of. We're about to enter a thrilling new technological era that's changing our lives and work as well as play. In the past the PC revolution introduced computers and all their capabilities to a broad public. Then, we saw the rise of the Internet and provided more information to the masses faster than before. Then, we saw the growth of cloud and mobile ecosystems that are placing the Internet in users, increasing the processing capabilities of their devices, and increasing the amount of data they can store to previously inconceivable levels. We are now about to enter a new age that we call the age of intelligence.

With Ethlax trading platform, platform, you have the chance to join the first phase of this groundbreaking Blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence Technology and take advantage of the very first offer.


What is artificial intelligence and machine learning?

We’re entering an exciting new era in technology that is bringing transformative change to the way we live, work, and play. Decades ago, the PC era brought computers and all their capabilities to a wide audience. Then we witnessed the rise of the Internet, which brought more knowledge to people faster than ever before. Next came the rise of mobile and cloud ecosystems, which is putting the Internet in the palm of people’s hands, expanding the processing power of their devices, and scaling what they can store to formerly unimaginable levels. Now we are about to move to a new era, which we’re calling the era of intelligence Artificial intelligence is still a new and amorphous field, but one widely agreed-on definition is “a system capable of rationally solving complex problems or taking appropriate actions to achieve its goals in whatever real-world circumstances it encounters.”² In short, it’s a computer that can solve problems without direct assistance from a person.

Tetration Analytics

Ethlax Tetration is designed to address security and operational challenges for a multi-cloud data center. It uses machinelearning, behavior analysis, and algorithmic approaches to offer a holistic workload-protection strategy and network-performance insights. This approach allows customers to gain application insights, auto generate whitelist policy and enforce a consistent policy to enable zero-trust model. The platform also tracks process-behavior deviations, identify software vulnerabilities in a multi-cloud infrastructure allowing you to reduce attack surface and identify indicators of compromise much faster.


Ethlax Kinetic platform helps to extract, compute, and move data from your connected things to various applications. The data produced by all your things is a high-value asset that can change the trajectory of your business—if you can make full use of it. But that can be challenging when you’re working with disparate things and a variety of applications that may live in edge or fog nodes, your data center, private clouds and/or public clouds. Ethlax Kinetic makes it easy to connect distributed devices (“things”) to the network—then extract, normalize, and securely move data from those devices to distributed applications.

Unlock the power of data

Ethlax is focused on delivering insight and recommendations at the network layer, the data center layer, and the application layer to optimize for latency, reliability, power, and operating expense. Our next goal is full auto tuning that will make sure of fast movement of data across the network, using the fewest possible resources.


Relational Blockchain

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Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network based on Artificial Intelligence.


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Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network based on Artificial Intelligence

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.

June 2022 Idea development
Announcement of Ethlax Coin Team formation
July 2022 Analytics and research
August 2022 Marketing Startegy Developement
September 2022 Worldwide Promotion Started
October 2022 Ethlax Started the Support Office in Hong Kong
November 2022 Ethlax will Started E-commerce Platform
December 2022 Ethlax DAPP Wallet Launched
January 2023
Ethlax Debit Card Launching
February 2023 Ethlax Own Blockchain Development